"Are we there yet?"

Road trip games

Once you’ve got your bag packed you’ll just want to get here, and there’s no doubt about it: travelling can be really, really dull. These special boredom busters are designed to be fun for you and all your family!

Spot it game

Simply print off the Spot it game (enough copies for everybody you’re travelling with), pack a pen in your bag and look out for the things on the list. The first person to see one must shout, and they get a point. Once you’ve all seen all the items, the person with the most points WINS! You can also play this one on your own, try and spot all the items listed before you arrive at The Esplanade.


These brainteasers are brilliant fun, you can do them all on your own or with the help of a grown-up. Don’t forget to decorate your own surf board - we’d love to see it when you get here! We also have all the answers for the games so if you get stuck, just ask.


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