The Esplanade Hotel



On this page we've highlighted all the positive steps we've taken to provide a sustainable hotel. The Esplanade Hotel is a family business and maintains a strong commitment to the environment and to the local economic and social community. As a company, we recognise that our operation has an impact on the environment and are committed to improving our performance through several policies and practices to ensure environmental, economic and societal sustainability.

We believe that sustainable development is an imperative aspect of business in Cornwall and have undertaken several policies and practices in order to ensure environmental, economic and societal sustainability. We have a nominated Charity of The Year, for which we host regular fundraising events.

Improving facilities on a regular basis ensures that wasteful and non-efficient facilities are either repaired or removed and replaced. We’ve implemented energy reducing measure which can be found further down the page.

We support local business and ensure that the majority of our turnover remains in County by employing 100% local people, using 100% local contractors for all refurbishments and supporting local businesses for purchasing and services.

Our employment practices are monitored regularly to ensure they are in line with regulations. Sub-contractors and suppliers are made aware of our Environmental Management System.

We comply with all relevant legislation and regulations that relate to health, safety and the environment and to any other requirements or guidelines to which the hotel subscribes.


As a Cornish company, we are passionate about our local, natural environment and are committed to improving our environmental performance by:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and industry codes of practice
  • Actively working towards reducing environmental impact and prevent pollution that occurs as a result of our operation
  • Considering the concerns of interested parties such as guests, members, local residents, employees and regulators
  • Setting objectives and targets to drive continual improvement programmes, and regularly review environmental performance to ensure success
  • Ensuring all employees and sub-contractors are aware of this policy and trained in their environmental responsibilities
  • Engaging suppliers and guests in environmental initiatives which support the environmental aims of the company
  • Making this policy available to our customers and the public on demand

To save energy and water...

  • We have key cards for all of our bedrooms which operate the electricity
  • We use 90% CFL or LED light bulbs throughout the hotel
  • Our outdoor lights use low energy bulbs and are on PIRs/timers
  • The public washrooms have sensor operated lights
  • We have zoned heating throughout the building
  • Heat recovery systems in our pool
  • We set our hot water tanks to 60 degrees and ensure they are well insulated
  • We have lagged all of our hot water pipes
  • We use recycled cellulose insulation in the spa and added additional insulation to all our cavity walls and ceilings
  • Use only FSC timber in renovations
  • We have fitted percussion fittings in the spa and changing rooms and timers to urinals, along with dual flush toilets
  • We use new, efficient dishwashers
  • We purchase cleaning materials in concentrate and ban chlorine products in cleaning
  • We also monitor energy and water usage on a monthly basis
  • We have small cisterns with dual flushes on toilets
  • We have fitted widgets into our showers
  • We have a towel and linen change policy whereby guests are asked to request new towels or fresh linen as they need it

To recycle...

  • We have reduced paper marketing by 40% and only use recycled paper
  • We encourage guests to place recyclables in bins by entrance or within recycling bins throughout the hotel
  • We recycle printer cartridges, batteries, paper, cardboard, glass, tins and recyclable plastics
  • We use a compactor for residual waste and cardboard

To help the local economy...

  • We ensure that the majority of our high yearly turnover remains in the County by employing 100% local people, using 100% local contractors for all refurbishments and supporting local businesses for purchasing and services.
  • In our restaurant, we make the best use of local seasonal produce in our menus and avoid individually packaged items wherever possible. Our kitchen deliveries arrive in reusable crates and we are committed to constantly reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill
  • We have a nominated Charity of The Year
  • We support local artists via artwork displays
  • We use natural and organic spa products from UK company GAIA Skincare
  • We also support our employees and encourage further training across all departments, last year we helped 12 employees gain further education.
  • Support the Newquay Discovery Map and numerous local charities
  • Local residents are very welcome within our hotel and restaurant and we often put together offers specifically aimed at local residents.

To spread the word, we communicate the 'Go Green' message via...

  • Our website and designated sustainable pages
  • Our green notice board
  • GTBS scheme

Recent Improvements

We actively support the local environment, economic and social communities. By investing in the hotel and constantly improving facilities on a regular basis, we ensure that wasteful and non-efficient facilities are either repaired or removed and replaced with efficient and waste / energy minimising models. Over the last few years, we have been pro-actively monitoring and reducing our energy consumption within the hotel. We have invested a large amount of money purchasing efficient equipment and training our staff to use them resourcefully.

What can you do?

In return for our commitment, we ask you, our guests, to also do your bit and join us in trying to make our hotel an environmentally friendly place to stay by following these five steps to being a sustainable visitor.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Recycle your used newspapers, magazines, cans and plastic bottles in the bins provided around the hotel.
  • Get out of the car! Enjoy a whole host of local attractions and days out using public transport.
  • Stay Local, Eat Local, Buy Local, See Local
  • Turn off, remember to turn off the taps when you're not using them and remove your key cards from the electricity activation system when leaving your room.
  • Follow the Countryside Code


We are committed to buying local produce and using Cornish suppliers. We have copied a list of our local suppliers below:

  • Beverages - St. Austell Brewery, Cornish Tea and Coffee
  • Ales - Skinners Brewery (Betty Stogs, Cornish Knocker and Heligan Honey) Truro 01872 245689
  • Water - Cornish Pure Blue Water
  • Meat – MC Kelly,
  • Fruit and Vegetables - West Country Fruit Sales Penryn
  • Fresh Fish – Matthew Stevens, Bodmin Seafood, Celtic Fish and Game,
  • Dairy – Trewithen Dairy, Callestick Farm,
  • Bakery – Baker Toms

Whilst you are here, why not visit a local farm shop for fresh, local produce:

  • Bre-Pen Farm Shop, Mawgan Porth. Tel: 01637 860420
  • Padstow Farm Shop, Trethillick Farm, Padstow Tel: 01841 533060
  • Carruan Farm Centre, St Minver, Wadebridge. Tel: 01208 869584
  • Great Gargus Farm, Tregony, Truro Tel: 01872 530274


It has become clear that all of us need to make our best effort to reduce our dangerous carbon emissions created from day-to-day life. However, it is equally clear that it is not going to be possible for any resident in the UK to completely eliminate their personal carbon footprint, this is where carbon offsetting comes in.

Carbon offsetting works by helping both individuals and businesses to assess their carbon footprint, then invest in projects around the world that save the emissions of, or absorb, an equivalent amount of CO2. Through this process, they balance out their unavoidable carbon emissions and become CarbonZero.

Visit to see how you can reduce and offset your carbon emissions ethically and credibly.


We have EV Charging in the car park for our EV drivers. This is charged at 55p per KwH. There is a £5 per hour idle fee if your vehicle is left plugged in once fully charged.